Mr. Lugo has a sincere way of helping you believe him — and believe in him. In our first reading together, his ease and compassion laid a foundation of trust; but, it is his accuracy and passionate delivery of guided communications from passed loved ones that leave me feeling validated and comforted every time we meet.
I have recommended several friends and family members to meet with Mr. Lugo. He dissolved skepticism in those with doubts and has helped all of us to understand better the past — freeing us to appreciate the present and feel encouraged about the future.
I know that I am guided each day by several who have crossed over. I am grateful for this and feel much less alone. I connect now better than ever before to my heart and my soul and to an unconditional love within me. I trust and believe in all above who guide me, teach me, and take care of me everyday. Mr. Lugo has helped me achieve this.

Cristi O.,Tucson, Arizona

Dear George,

I want to thank you for your incredible kindness and compassion, deep insight and wise counsel. I’m still listening to your words as they seep into my consciousness and will continue to learn from them.

Bright Blessings,

L. Thiel, Los Angeles, California

Dear George,
I want to thank you form the bottom of my heart for today’s reading! Your reading was easily 80% accurate, or better. It was unbelievable and impressive for you to know so much about me out of the clear blue. I truly believe my wife led me straight to you today for this very spiritual rendezvous. I broke all records this morning exercising, showering, and dashing off to see you as the featured guest speaker at that meeting. I arrived in the nick of time, just before you began. Again, thanks a million for this inspiring reading and God bless you and yours.

J.L. Sandoval, West Palm Beach, Florida

My Mother lost her battle with cancer this past May. Riddled with grief, a friend referred me to George. George told me that I should be prepared to receive a message from my mother that would come by way of a book.

I immediately remembered that my mother had given me a book about a year earlier but when a friend recently borrowed it, I told him that I didn’t need it back for it made me too sad. Then I remembered seeing a copy of this book in a client’s home where I was to go later that same day. Once there, I pulled the book off the shelf, opened it to a random page, and there before me on both pages the character “Gregory” was all over the text.

Given this validation, I finally have some comfort knowing that my mother is watching over me and that she is o.k. And I now feel as though I have some sort of secret weapon to not only help me to move through this grief, but also for the future, as George gave me some great insight there as well.

Gregory H. New York, N.Y.

I love talking to George, especially when I am looking for spiritual guidance, it is a lot like talking to a trusted master and I enjoy our conversations very much. And even though I expect George to “know” things, it is still mind boggling every time he mentioned things people very close to me would know.
Like the time he mentioned my pink and green travel bags…I love when my friends come and tell me how much they enjoyed their conversation with George, but mostly it is nice to see and feel the healing that happens every time… Thank you George..

M.L. Hendricks Queensland, Australia

I lead a somewhat public life – a lot of details of which are available online, through websites and interviews. So it’s rare to find a legitimate psychic and a great pleasure to have George Lugo give readings so rich in personal detail, details impossible to find through any kind of research.

I have repeatedly been surprised by his accuracy and insight. I’m a person who lived most of my life as a rigid skeptic to the spirit world, until I had too many “coincidences” and personal interactions with those entities that sought me out.

I am now more open and accepting to the idea of another dimension of existence and embrace those mysteries. As a person, George is also a very gracious and supportive personality, able to convey difficult truths (or true-isms) in an open manner one can accept. I believe George is the real deal, and I believe that he uses his gifts to serve the greater good. Peace and Love to all.

Beverly Leech, Los Angeles, California

George is a down-to-earth, genuine and easy to talk to.

Readings with George have given my whole family a greater sense of peace, clarity, and direction in our lives and have helped us to move through old wounds to a place of greater understanding and healing. His ability to communicate with those on the other side is nothing short of amazing, offering insights and details that only a true medium could know.

I was so skeptical the first time I called, but George is “the real deal” and he is a real person-humble, sincere, and always positive and affirming.

I always feel 100% better after talking with George and connecting with my spirit guides and ancestors. George has now done readings for my mother, my aunt, my spouse, and my friends and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone seeking answers about their life path or wanting to connect with those who have passed.

You have everything to gain. Thank you for sharing the sacred work you do in the world.

Stefany L. M. Reed, California

I got a reading from George Lugo nine days after my mother died at the age of eighty-nine. He told me not to tell him anything in advance, just let him speak. He connected with my mother, father, aunt, and grandparents and let them speak through him. I got a verifiable reading full of useful information and would recommend Mr. Lugo to anyone who wants to know the truth.

M. Bequette, Manhattan, New York