Spirit Connection

Familyof10onBeachFlyerPhotoII_150Ever had a dream of a loved one who has crossed over? That the dream was so real, so profound that you never forgot it?

Regular dreams do not have the profound luminescence that visitations dreams do. If I asked you, “What did you dream about last Tuesday?” you probably couldn’t tell me.

There is a definite feel to those profound dreams that make them different than all the other dreams.  These dreams or as I like to call them “visitations” have messages in them for you, or for you to pass on to your loved ones that are still here.

Sometimes the messages are warning or they can be very gentle and loving messages from a loved one who is letting you know they are okay and that they love you. It’s as if you were there.

It’s an organic feeling or bond with the visitation experience that sticks to you when you’re fully awake.

I suggest that before you wake up completely, you stay in bed and try and review your dream or visitation. (I’ll just call dreams ‘visitations’ from this point.) After you’ve reviewed, journal it. That’s when you’ll discover the content of your messages.

Usually there’s an overall feeling right from the start of your visitation. Try to access that same feeling again. Feel with your heart first, then your mind.

  • Who do you see?
  • Are they holding something or pointing to it?
  • Do you recognize what they’re wearing?
  • Can you figure out the time frame? (Don’t be surprised if your 97 year old Grandma looks younger than the age of 30.)
  • Are there others with them?
  • Most important, what do they want you to know?

I always find that when I kept my question simple like, “What do you want me to know?” or “Are you okay?” they usually would give me the answer before I could finish my question.

Let’s say you see your father, but he’s not saying anything, his mouth is not moving, he’s just smiling, staring at you.

They don’t always have to be speaking through theirs mouths to give you messages. It’s an instant knowing that comes from them. The message is a part of you now, you can physically feel it in your heart and you’ll get it on the spot.

Sometimes the messages seem a little abstract. That just means that they want you to focus closer attention to the message, especially when it’s a repeat visitation. Sometimes the message is meant for you later in your life. They can recognize that you’re consciousness is presently with them. It’s a precious visit for you both. That’s why it’s so profound.

That’s why you remember, and the messages can bring you to loving tears.

When I was twenty years old, I got a message in a visitation from a woman who wore elegant clothing; she had a very warm and inviting smile.

She held up three fingers on her right hand. Then she raised her left arm and began to point up with her left index finger at the sky through a large picture window of her palatial home. As I approached the window, I looked up into the hyper blue sky. I could hear a single engine plane out of sight and at a very high altitude.

I glanced over my shoulder at the woman who was smiling, she gestured with her left arm still extended, flicking her index finger, pointing up for me to keep looking. The plane soon came into view, sky writing the word TRAVEL in white puffy smoke.

Three days later, I received an unexpected phone call to go on a world tour. I couldn’t pack my bags fast enough.

I did not know this woman when she was alive, but she let me know what was about to happen to me. I found out while looking through old family pictures that she was my father’s oldest sister who I never met or heard of.

She lived overseas in Europe. She was very wealthy when she was alive. She let us know that she was okay on the other side, and that she saw a safe journey and a safe return for me.

I passed this message on to my father. He gave me the usual blank stare and walked out of the room. Thank you Auntie for the world tour of a life time! I learned a lot.

Most of the time, after you’ve had a visitation, you can’t remember the other dreams you had that same night. Your visitation experience overrides them all. That’s another indication that you had a visitation.

You may think or feel you’ve never had the experience of a visitation during your normal sleep time, and I know this to be true because some of my clients say they don’t dream or they can’t remember their dreams. Well, here’s a way to kick start one:

This method has good results and lets you access your loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world. I have said many times before, “your loved ones are just a thought away” and you don’t really need me to help you visit with them.

In the early morning when you’re between wake and sleep, get up to use the bathroom, then return to bed. Souls love this window of opportunity, because you’re in a twilight stage: half awake, half asleep. You’ll have a better time remembering your visitation. Allow yourself to fall asleep again, and think of one of your loved one(s). You can call your loved one in by a loving experience you had with them. Ask them to visit with you. See your loved one with your mind’s eye and feel your loved one with your heart. See what happens. Good Luck.