Electronic Voice Phenomena
Sometimes, you will be able to hear whispers, words or sounds from the other side on digital recordings of psychic reading sessions.

This is an example of an EVP that occurred during one of my private reserve psychic reading sessions from June 8, 2009.

The person who I was reading for was sitting 8 feet away from me. The room was silent. He brought his own digital voice recorder that was placed next to him on the arm of the sofa and began to record his session.

Later that evening while he and his wife were listening to the session on his digital recorder. At a point on the recording where I had delivered a message, he wanted to validate it by telling me what that meant to him.

He and his wife discovered the breaths and called to let me know what had occurred.

Permission was granted to share this short 18 second audio clip with you. Listen closely for two audible breaths while he is talking:

Audio Clip of Electronic Voice Phenomenon