george-lugo-psychic-auraOur bodies house our life force or energy, it is our invisible emanation.
When I look at someone I can see their energy radiating around them. That energy field or aura usually extends 3 feet or further. It usually has different colors within it. It’s rarely a solid color. These colors vibrate certain feelings that I can read.
Because I’ve seen these colors all my life, I understand the meaning that corresponds with these colors. They radiate and move within the aura from different parts of the body. Usually around the head, shoulders, chest, solar plexus shoot out the richest color.
The aura is made of energy that radiates from your core energy.
It is like the unseen matrix of who we are. In this energy field there is residual energy left over from where the person has been. This energy has many aspects within it: joy, love, or despair. It is a blend of places, people, or things you’ve experienced.
Needless to say, an accumulation of all these things can have a profound effect on you and your life.
People are curious. They explore and experience new situations that they’re unfamiliar with. Sometimes when they decide that it’s not for them they break away from the experience.
Whether good or bad, they take a chunk of energy with them that collects in their aura, like a sponge or a magnet.
It’s the same way when you brush against a stranger on the street without seeing their face, you get a feeling of that person because your auras have momentarily blended for that brief second. It is enough for you to take notice. Depending on the sensitivity of oneself it will determine the amount of what you notice.
You collect energy not just from people but from places, things and animals, as well.
You may not be aware that you’ve collected any energy at all, but it becomes a part of the collected energy within your aura. Sometimes these energies can be a burden and make you feel fatigued and you don’t know how to release and clean your aura.
We were all children at one time before we turned into responsible adults with adult mindsets. As children we were more open to everything.
Most children have the ability to see auras. It’s as natural as breathing for them.
Children are very receptive to energy. They can walk into a room where there is a stranger and they will know if they should leave immediately, or shy away from that person, or they will feel relaxed around them.
It’s because they can feel and sometimes see that person’s energy through color or the feel of residual energy that this person is carrying.
Children are more receptive to these feelings because they haven’t grasped the definition of “NO!” to everything. As an adult, you should ask young children. ‘What do you see?’ when they are looking at something for the first time.
You might be surprised with their answer. A lot of their thinking is abstract and not black and white like an adult. They experience new things in the world because their hearts, minds and senses are open. They are still living in the natural world.
As an adult if you can sense and remember these things, which some people can and do, it becomes a powerful tool to strengthen intuition. The life force or aura reveals many things. This is how I would see and feel things as a child.
This ability is part of the natural world that I’ve been able to maintain and I’m thankful.
 Meditation: Find a comfortable meditation for you. This will help ground, balance and clear your mind body and soul.
 Chakras: Learn about the chakra system. This is another excellent and effective way to cleanse your aura.
 Energy Worker: Find an energy worker in your area to help you clear your aura. Sometimes they use crystals, biofeedback & other modalities.
 Nature: A walk in nature of your choice with the right intent can bring you balance and clear your aura, earth, water, sky great for neutralizing auras.
Ask your belief system to help you clean your aura. Almost anything will work with the right intent.
To see your aura, hold your hand out in front of your face with your arm fully extended, fingers open. Use a blank white wall as your background. This works best. Hold hand still for 30 seconds.
Look between your fingers and you will notice an off white color around your fingers and your hand. That is part of your aura and your energy that’s coming out. You will also see a faint light extending from your fingertips. Now remove your hand from that steady position and you will see an impression of where your hand was.
This will give you an idea of what an aura looks like around people. They don’t have to be still for you to see this. In people you will see what you saw between your fingers and it will radiate outwards and that is where you will see the colors.
Good luck with this. It’s as natural as breathing. Just relax.
This is my interpretation of how I see and read auras. Yours may be different.
Aura photography – courtesy of Beth Hays