Psychic Phenomena

The aura is made of energy that radiates from your core energy.
It is like the unseen matrix of who we are. In this energy field there is residual energy left over from where the person has been. This energy has many aspects within it: joy, love, or despair. It is a blend of places, people, or things you’ve experienced.

Spirit Connection
Ever had a dream of a loved one who has crossed over? That the dream was so real, so profound that you never forgot it?  There is a definite feel to those profound dreams that make them different than all the other dreams. These dreams or as I like to call them “visitations” have messages in them for you, or for you to pass on to your loved ones that are still here.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
Sometimes you will be able to hear whispers, words or sounds from the other side on digital recordings of psychic reading sessions.