george-lugo-psychic-medium-aboutAs a child Lugo, always felt alone in the knowledge of what he could see, do, and experienced. He could see and feel souls that watched over and protected him. He became aware he could step in and out of what he describes as this incredibly loving river, the space in which the spirit world flows through him.

“There are signs everywhere, all the time,” emphasizes Lugo. Our departed loved ones want to be involved in our lives, they join us for special events, birthday parties and at Christmas. Souls are always keeping tabs on us, trying to help. Judging by the expression on other’s faces, they are not aware of the loved one that is standing right next to them, or watches them from a distance.

Lugo – yes, he “see’s” dead people. Lugo has professionally “read” as a medium for corporations, Royalty and the man on the street. With thousands of sessions as his base, he is able to sense what loved ones need to say, how they feel, images, tastes and scents. Sometime the souls are able to touch him physically, there is an overwhelming amount of love in all their communications, they often appear in a honey-colored light.

Lugo considers himself blessed to be able speak for those who have lost the ability to speak for themselves.