How will a reading from a psychic/medium benefit my life?

A medium can help you have a positive experience communicating with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side by helping you find closure to your questions and unresolved issues.

A reading with a psychic can give you a deeper understanding of what is transpiring around you – past, present and future, by using their intuitive sense.

Are readings scary? Should I be fearful of what messages come through for me?

No, I find that your loved ones want you to know that they’re okay and that they’re still a part of your life. They don’t want to scare you, they want to help you. That’s part of their loving job for us. Souls can not change your life path, they can only nudge you in the right direction. Ask for their help through the marriage of your heart and mind. Trust your intuition (knowing naturally without it being explained). You are not alone. Your loved ones are here to help.

Are you a mind reader?

Absolutely not! If you have questions about the process of the session, don’t hesitate to ask. I don’t want to know any personal information about you. Let your loved ones bring in the messages that you need. Time is precious and there isn’t much time to visit with them, so we have to use the time spent in a session wisely.

Can you always make contact with the other side?

Yes, I do my best to make contact with your loves ones. They’re usually with you when you arrive for your session. Sometimes they arrive before you do.

Often times, a client may have an exact soul they want to hear from, let’s say, their mother, but I get their father or other family members and friends. Sometimes the mother they’re looking for has to wait her turn and let the others speak before she does. So, when you arrive for a session, try to relax and be open to many important messages from others who also love you. Your mother will come if she wants to. I can not make her come to you. I can only ask for her.

I start off the session by silently asking questions about their connection with you to spark the souls interest so they’ll communicate with me and I can pass the messages on to you. I get what I get. I have no control about who’s going to come forward and speak with you first.

How do you know it’s my loved one?

Souls validate their messages by showing me the life experiences they had here with you. These messages are often things that only you would know or recognize. It’s the spirits job to correct me, not yours. I try to deliver the mail, not read it. I’m just a messenger, a conduit, a bridge, a way to get the messages to you.

I’m always amazed and honored, but not surprised by the messages that come through. Again, it’s all about validation.

Do our loved ones watch us?

Yes, everything from birthday parties, holidays, family celebrations, births, deaths, quiet time, when we pray or need their help. They really love visiting family and friends from time to time. They are not really interested in what you do in the shower or bedroom. They just want to know you’re okay and they’re with you more than you realize.

How can I reach my loved ones on my own?

There are many ways to contact your loves ones who have crossed over.


Many religious belief systems have a way to make contact with the other side. You might want to check into yours.
You can use prayer or meditation to raise your vibration and frequency to make contact with souls.
You can use light workers, people who specialize in this form of communication.
You can sit in a quiet place and just talk to your loved ones as if they were in the room with you. If you want validation, ask them for a sign, just don’t go screaming out of the room if you get one. Remember, you asked for it! Relax, they’re just letting you know they’re with you and trying to communicate.
Your loved ones only want the best for you. To love and thrive.

They’re only a thought away.

Do our pets go to the other side too?

Yes, I gave a gallery reading where a man who was in the audience, had seven horses die a tragic death all at the same time. I saw the seven horses standing around him. He was so happy they came through, he cried. Pets are a part of our family and we love them. Sometimes pets come through just to let you know they’re still with us and they’re okay!

Do I need to give you my personal information?

Only your contact information for the session e-mail address, phone number, name, payment, and nothing else. If a psychic or medium starts asking you for personal information such as your family history, things about you before your session . . . my advice: RUN.

I’m here to give you messages from your loved ones, that’s it, that’s my job!

All readings and contact information are absolutely confidential.

If I come for a reading and skeptics are with me, are you able to make contact for me?

Sure, It really has nothing to do with whether they believe or not. The messages still come through. I have trust in the process of what I do. It’s just when they’re cynical, it’s not fun.

Can I record my session with you?

No, video and audio taping is not allowed. I highly suggest you bring a note pad. It’s good to go over your session later. You’ll want to read through your notes and see what other messages might have come through for you.

I always tell my clients: don’t try and make the shoe fit. Sometimes messages get lost in translation and sometimes the messages become more clear. It’s like a light goes on in your heart. You feel nothing but pure love from the message sent to you by loved ones.

The number one thing you need to know when you’re in a session with a psychic or medium is validation, validation, validation! The psychic or medium should give you facts that are acceptable to you. Facts that no one knows except you and the loved one you’re psychic or medium communicating with.

What is the difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading?


It is a culmination of Mind, Body, Spirit, read through the different aspects and impressions of what is transpiring in your field of energy through extrasensory perception, E.S.P.

Love, Family, Career, Health, Finance and Life-Changing Events.

Sensitive psychics who have a higher vibration and frequency use their E.S.P to tell where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’re going.


This is where a connection is made through mediumship with your Loved Ones who’ve crossed over to the other side.

Your Loved Ones come through with pictures, symbols, feelings, images, taste, smells, touch and sound. All of these things are capsulated into an instant knowing which helps validate their message to you.

Because I am a Psychic/Medium gives you the best of both worlds and brings more accuracy to your reading.

I sincerely hope these few questions helped you understand a little more about the process of Mediumship and psychic abilities. It’s to your advantage to seek guidance when you just have to know.